Kalahari Bush breaks activities

Kalahari Bush Breaks allows you to choose a wide range of adventures. We are convinced that you will fall in love with the deafening tranquillity and that your impressions will be unforgettable!

A 20km Self drive 4x4 Route 3 walking trails, some leading to the ancient bushman engravings (For lodge guests only) observing game from a hide overlooking a waterhole (For lodge guests only)


Of the 264 species recorded in the Kalahari, only 78 are residents (always present). 16 species are regular seasonal migrants. Another 18 are classified as nomads, meaning that they visit the Kalahari regularly but not during any predictable season. And the great majority of species recorded (152) are vagrants - irregular visitors which may be common in some years, depending on conditions.
The resident bird species are mainly Raptors, like the Chanting and Gabar Goshawks, Martial and Tawny Eagles, or insectivores, such as the Marico and Chat Flycatcher. The striking Crimsonbreasted Shrike, the Forktailed Drongo and the familiar Anteating Chats. A few mixed feeders (insects and fruits) such as the Red eyed Bulbul, Pied Barbet, and Cape and Burchell's Glossy Starlings are also common residents. These species do not reach the numbers of the nomads because they live off the lower density, although more predictable food supply than seeds.